Whale BP5012 Smartbail Manual Bilge Pump

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Whale’s low profile compact range designed for confined spaces where you have limited space to fit your pump. Sleek integrated handle makes the pump instantly ready for use.

Thru-bulkhead – ideal for low profile installation through bulkhead

  • The lightweight fast installation option
  • Fast installation- Easy to install by one person from one side of the bulkhead
  • Compact size is ideal where space is limited
  • Modern styling- sleek cover blends in with thedeck  fibreglass
  • No additional fittings needed allowing quick installation
  • Comfortable operation- Easy- grip integrated handle
  • Easy pump action – Patented diaphragm
  • Self-sealing design means no need for messy sealants

It is important to ensure that a vented anti-syphon loop is incorporated in the system.